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 [20/09] PSYCROPTIC + HOUR OF PENANCE + more @ Aarschot

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MessageSujet: [20/09] PSYCROPTIC + HOUR OF PENANCE + more @ Aarschot   Dim 15 Sep - 5:49

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Hailing from the remote island of Tasmania, Psycroptic have progressively carved a niche of their own within today’s overcrowded Metal scene. Staying clear of trends, the band incorporate many elements of music – extreme and otherwise – to capture a sound that is uniquely their own. Not to be pigeonholed, Psycroptic stand apart from the horde and add a fresh element in the extreme metal realm with their precise blend of brutality, intensity and groove.

Death metal is more than just music. It transcends such a limited mortal state of mind. Death metal is the aural expression of humanity’s darkest side, of devastation, sorrow and the harbingers of mankind’s own inhumanity and ultimate destruction. Death metal is not a trend, a fashion parade or a means to an end. It is much more than that. It is a way of life. A life in death.This is the doctrine Italy’s HOUR OF PENANCE, spewn forth with unrelenting musical ferocity through their sickening, mind-obliterating auditory assault on the senses. Forged in the dark shadows of “The Holy Capital,” this most unholy of quartets have steadily been making a name for themselves as one of the most intense, talented and impressive modern death metal bands both in-studio and onstage.

Cited as “one of the best death metal albums to come out of the UK in the last twenty years” by Metal Hammer’s Dom Lawson, Dyscarnate’s devastating new record ‘And So It Came To Pass’ has been met with an unprecedented reaction from both international press and fans. Like the 300 Spartans, Dyscarnate show what effect a small, but elite force can have when focused on a common goal; annihilating everything that stands before them. In Aarschot, the band will do just that, bringing their blitzkrieg of a live show across the face of the earth; leaving smoking craters and shell-shocked audiences where stages once stood.

Founded in 2004 by Marco Aromatario (an Italian underground death metal scene guitarist for years (ex-Natron, ex-Mutala, ex-Penis Leech, ex–Urshurark, ex–Requiem K626 and ex–Stench of Dismemberment). And to this day plays with Corpsefucking Art. Exhumer brings you Brutal Death Metal - Grindcore the way it should be!

The most notorious pack of degenerates from Belgium Emeth is know as a band which has its roots in death metal, but at the same time, as one that has never been afraid to experiment. Over time the band progressed into a heavier, tighter and more technically advanced direction with memorable and inventive song structures and a natural yet modern production.

DOORS: 19h00 - FIRST BAND: 19h30
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[20/09] PSYCROPTIC + HOUR OF PENANCE + more @ Aarschot
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